Tallinna Linnuklubi

Birdwatching in Tallinn

Birdwatching in Tallinn is easy! If you have a few hours and if you know the right spots you may see hundreds of birds and 50+ species without even trying. Paljassaare special conservation area and Rocca al Mare promenade should be the first choice, since they are close to the city centre, easily accessible and there’s a very little chance of getting lost. Kloostrimetsa mixed and coniferous forest and Astangu wet broadleaved forest are located farther away and should be rather visited with a Tallinner.

Places to visit:

Paljassaare Special Conservation Area

Rocca al Mare promenade

Kloostrimetsa forest

Astangu forest

Rohuneeme cape

Sites to visit:

e-Biodiversity bird observation database

Bus schedules in Tallinn

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