Tallinna Linnuklubi

Kloostrimetsa forest


Kloostrimetsa forest is located in Pirita borrough in northern Tallinn. It is a 100+ year-old natural-looking planted forest. Although the dominant trees are spruce and pine, the forest has a very varied look and that reflects in the bird fauna. As to birds, the more valuable part is situated north of Kloostrimetsa road. Pine forest on the south has scarce understorey and is heavily used for sports.

Infrastructure, do’s and don’ts

You can reach Kloostrimetsa by taxi or busses number 34 or 38 (bus stops Kalmuse tee or Metsakalmistu). The dense network of paths in the Kloostrimetsa forest is easily walkable all the year round.

It is recommended that you take a map with you. It is quite easy to get lost on these tracks, regardless of looking ’easy’ on the map.

Birding spots and birds

Kloostrimetsa forest is a home for a wide range of forest species that you could expect from a typical Estonian forest (with an exception of grouses of course). There are scores of species nesting on the ground, in the treehole or out there on the branch: Phylloscopus-warblers, tits, thrushes and many more. As to more rare birds, Black Woodpecker, Stock Dove, Red-breasted Flycatcher and Goshawk nest regularly in the woods.

There is no specific spot to go to, just wander about! As you walk through different types of forest, you will undoubtedly notice the change in bird composition: e.g. choir of Wood Warblers in old spruce patches or Crested Tits in the old pine patches.

The best time of visit is during the breeding season in May and June. During migration, one can notice flocks of forest birds passing through. And in winter, it is a nice place to enjoy relative silence and an occasional mixed flock of tits, woodpeckers, treecreepers and goldcrests minding their business on the trees.