Tallinna Linnuklubi

Rohuneeme cape


Rohuneeme is situated almost on the tip of Viimsi peninsula, just north from Tallinn. Viimsi peninsula reaches deep into the Fulf of Finland and therefore is an excellent place to witness massmigration of both waterfowl and land birds.

Infrastructure, do’s and don’ts

You can reach Rohuneeme cape by car. There are two sites for bird watching. First is on the western side of the peninsula at the end of Neeme tee street. The other is on the eastern side, the coast on the crossing of Suur-Ringtee and Kivineeme tee streets. There are 2 quays that are most suitable for birdwatching. Tip of the peninsula is closed for the public.

Be prepared for the cold and the wind.

Birding spots and birds

The busiest months are April–May and late July–October. On top days, the average migration pace is about 850 finches/min and 1000 ducks or scoters / hour.